"I just got an email that says I owe SARS R60k"

"I just got an email that says I owe SARS R60k"

Can you imagine how stressful that must have been?

A Caucasian woman with her hair tied back and hoop earrings
A Caucasian woman with her hair tied back and hoop earrings/TikTok Screenshot/@samleighritchie

A South African TikToker recently shared how she received a disturbing email saying that she owed SARS (South African Revenue Services) a large sum of money. 

To be specific, she said that she owed R60,000 to SARS for her provisional tax. 

If you are wondering and don't already know, SARS defines provisional tax as, "Provisional tax is not a separate tax from income tax. It is a method of paying the income tax liability in advance, to ensure that the taxpayer does not have a large tax debt on assessment." 

The TikToker, Sammy, shared that she had been putting money away but it was nowhere near the amount that she was meant to pay. 

But just like that, she received welcomed news when her tax practitioner told her that she only had to pay R32,000, which is a considerably lower amount than the former amount.

Watch her share her tax total over TikTok


This was before my tax magician calculated all my expenses. I got a serious fright with that number.

♬ original sound - Sammy

If anything, we learnt that saving money as a responsible taxpayer may be difficult, but it certainly is a responsible thing to do. 

Watch her share some tips she received from her tax practitioner on how to bring your total down. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@samleighritchie Replying to @Landi tax magician said let me make it disappear. #tax #tiktoksa #provisionaltaxreturn #provisionaltaxpayer ♬ original sound - Sammy
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