Humanoid robot can read human emotions

Humanoid robot can read human emotions

Hmm... is that something that is important in the bigger spectrum of things?

A humanoid robot named Abel
A humanoid robot named Abel/YouTube Screenshot/@euronews

A collaboration between FX artists and bioengineers has produced a human-looking robot named Abel. 

The reason for his existence comes from an interest in looking into whether or not robots can help a human with their health. 

That being the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of a person. Trying to read a person, in general, can be a difficult task with human-to-human interaction, so can you even imagine...

The aim behind their creation of Abel is for them to be able to hopefully help serve as a companion for people with Autism and Alzheimer's. 

"Abel has the ability to respond appropriately to the patient's expressions and emotions, continuously improving his or her empathic skills. This process is of great use in treating individuals with problems in understanding and expressing emotions." (MSN)

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