REVEALED: Is this TikToker actually a robot?

REVEALED: Is this TikToker actually a robot?

Is this TikToker a real person or AI generated?

Is this TikToker actually a robot?
Is this TikToker actually a robot?/ TikTok

This article may be triggering or offensive to sensitive readers. This is a matter that we intend to approach sensitively and is intended to raise awareness without judgment or prejudice.

It is becoming harder and harder to decipher what is human and what is artificial. 

The introduction of AI blows our minds on a daily basis, and has now also left us perplexed about whether this TikTok creator is real or made by AI. 

Watch this video below describing the confusion: 

@danisha.carter i’m assuming this means i still don’t pass the #turingtest @kathrynfiona — @verge ♬ original sound - DANISHA CARTER

According to The VergeDanisha Carter is a TikToker who shares social commentary on relevant matters.

There plenty of speculation about whether or not she was human when she had a mere 10,000 TikTok followers. 

TikTok users began asking if she was in fact an android as well as accusing her of giving off “AI vibes."

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What do you think? Have a look at this influencer's video and let us know your thoughts:


if wendys and arbys wanna beef over who has the best burger or best logo, have at it. engaging in public pile-ons of individuals as if they — a corporate entity — are one, absolutely not. too far.

♬ original sound - DANISHA CARTER
@danisha.carter opening more soon! thank you — @Slime Obsidian #asmr #slime ♬ original sound - DANISHA CARTER

♬ original sound - DANISHA CARTER

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