Two wrongs unfortunately do not make a right

Two wrongs unfortunately do not make a right

This is your one-stop-shop for the most iconic and most talked about moments from Vic Naidoo this week.


Has this week been too tough? Were you so busy that you didn't even have a single chance to listen to your favourite show?

Are you looking to just sit back and relax while enjoying the weekend?

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Well, then we are happy to bring you the top three Vic Naidoo moments from the past week.

And it was a week of errors.

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Mistakes were made, shared, and luckily laughed about.

First off, Vic once again asked KZN about the embarrassing and accidental scenarios they have found themselves in:

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Things then later escalated when Vic wanted to know what disasters people have gotten up to while at home. One story involved alcohol and a whole chicken:

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And finally, Vic discovered that apparently it is quite common for people, and things, to show up at the wrong location... like the wrong wedding:

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You are also more than welcome to catch up on any other great moments that you might have missed (or if you want to listen to them again):

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