This is how alligators survive the cold weather

This is how alligators survive the cold weather

This is pretty incredible. A firm example that staying cool is possible...

Alligator in lake with head out
Alligator in lake with head out/Pexels/@Pixabay

Seeing the way animals lead their lives is a pure indicator that they are built to withstand lots of things. 

As the saying goes, survival of the fittest. But it is also amazing that evolution has pushed us to some extent as a species to learn how to adapt and survive. 

Scientists and anthropologists have shown us examples of how cultures have pushed through some of the toughest times and come out resilient. 

And to a great extent, we now realise that all life on our planet is capable of doing that. 

A great example of this was shared via a video and we took a deeper meaning to it. 

A video shared on Twitter/X shows how alligators survive the cold weather. And this wouldn't necessarily be something that we could witness, but these alligators were rescued from captivity and therefore were being monitored. 

Check out the video below that shows how the alligators go into a state of dormancy, leaving their snouts out of the icy lake. 

Courtesy of Twitter/X

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People weren't that impressed by their resilience though, that was a given for them. Instead, they were irate over the man forcing the alligator's snout open. 

In his effort to try and make the alligator 'comfortable', he could have essentially been causing more harm. 

We guess that is where we were going with this simple example of survival. 

Since it is our innate nature to want to help (most of us anyway), we sometimes are unable to let animals behave and act instinctively and that sometimes lets them lose their instinct to survive. 

But that's just our opinion, what do you think?

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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