The Homeless Home Project. Three-in-one blanket designed for the homeless

The Homeless Home Project. Three-in-one blanket designed for the homeless

A three-in-one blanket that caters for those without a home...

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We chatted to Vic Naidoo this week about his clothing brand, Bombass Clothing, and one thing really stood out whilst he spoke about his business.

He said that his passion with designing is closely connected with the fact that he wants people to feel comfortable, he wanted them to feel happy in their own skin. Besides comfort, he wanted to create clothing items that were affordable and accessible. 

When it comes to practicalities, we think that this creation is by far a realistic one that can actually help the homeless. We are not advocating that we support the whole idea of homelessness, but unfortunately it is a reality. 

A non-profit organisation called 'Make-Good SA' have come up with a design that serves the homeless community in both a smart and concise way when it comes to staying warm and having a warm place to sleep. 

Take a look at it below (Courtesy of Facebook):

"Carlo Gibson and his business partner Toni Rothbart from Make Good SA’s latest creation is the “homeless home”, a three-in-one item of sleeping bag, carry bag and jacket. Gibson said the idea came around 30 years ago, when he used to ride his bicycle and needed a way to stay warm but still be mobile, which pushed him into creating cycling prototypes." (Times Live)

This isn't the first of its kind. A while back, we saw a Dutch designer called Bas Timmer create the ShelterSuit, which was designed to withstand extreme conditions. 

If you would like to contribute to the Homeless Home Project, you can do so here. The item is functional as a three-in-one, where it is a jacket, a sleeping bag, and a carrier bag. It currently costs R389, but you could also make a cash contribution here.

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