#DYK: You could feed a hungry person for a week for less than R21...

#DYK: You could feed a hungry person for a week for less than R21...

A beautiful initiative called 'Feed the Nation' by Pick n Pay helps feed a hungry person for one week for just R21...

#DYK: You could feed a hungry person for a week for less than R21...
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We all want to help someone in some way, whether that means with a meal or a person to talk to - helping someone is what should come naturally to us. We are hardwired to feel something when we see another in need, and just offering some form of help can start off a snowball effect into greatness. 

The next time you get that feeling when you see someone who isn't in the best circumstance, take a step back and think about what that person needs the most. Maybe there is something you can help them with, maybe it's that orange you didn't eat at lunch or it could just be a smile, so they feel seen. 

This brings us to the Feed the Nation scheme by Pick n Pay. They started this initiative last March when the lockdown left a lot of people without food. The scheme basically asks shoppers to donate a value of R21 at the PnP till points or through their online site. 

The R21 is enough to feed just one hungry person for a whole week. Imagine, R21, the value of a Cappuccino or slab of chocolate, someone can go with a tummy full of food for seven days. Because of its success, this scheme has become a fully-fledged foundation.

"Since its inception Feed the Nation has provided over 30 million meals as food hampers, in partnership with funders, customers, suppliers, and welfare organisations. 

"These hampers have gone not only to school children unable to access school feeding as schools were shut, but also shelters, aged-care facilities, orphanages, and other vulnerable communities who have also benefited during what has become an ongoing crisis," reports Business Insider.

Due to the fact that many households in South Africa are child-headed, this initiative focuses on helping ease the pressure on these young children. 

We hope that this will put things into perspective, even just a little of what our children and some of our communities face daily. It really puts us in the picture, when we hear that many households are child-headed...

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