Home Alone: This dog destroys his home, owner thinks they've been burgled

Home Alone: This dog destroys his home, owner thinks they've been burgled

This dog is left home alone and when the owner returns home, he finds the door broke down and the sofa in shreds - leading her to think that she had been burgled. 

Home Alone: this dog destroys his home and the owner thinks they're burgled
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Have you ever left your dog at home alone? Well, we all know that our 'best friends' love to chew on almost anything, especially sofas and our shoes. 

Vickie Shelton came home to find her house in a complete mess and had genuinely believed that she was robbed. After some careful inspection, she realised that it wasn't burglars but was instead her two-year-old dog, Bo. 

Vickie shared with Metro that her dog loved the sofa, which they only had for four months. "Bo sleeps on the couch a lot, that is definitely his domain. He loves it. I was at work, and I was getting alerts from my pet camera that something was happening, but I thought it was just Bo being Bo. Never in a million years did I think he was destroying my couch."

Vickie said that Bo was quite pleased with himself, wagging his tail the whole time she assessed the damage. It took her two hours to clean up, filling up six bags full of fluff from the sofa. 

Vickie decided to leave Bo in her son's room the next day and even put some soothing music on for him, thinking that he would have a good day. However, she came home to find that Bo had escaped from the room, chewed his wire crate, and the door was broken. 

When she took him to the vet to make sure he hadn't hurt his gums, she was told that Bo had been dealing with separation anxiety and that could be the reason he was acting out. 

Aww, Bo.

Vickie has sought out treatment for Bo and says: "He has definitely got his own unique personality and I wouldn’t trade him for the world."

We encourage all pet owners to learn from Vickie's situation and play with your pets, they enjoy time with you and have feelings, too. 

Watch the video of Bo's handywork below and let us know if you have experienced this with your pets:

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