Man reveals exactly what our pets see when they look at us

Man reveals exactly what our pets see when they look at us

Ever wondered how your pet sees the world? One man explains everything in an interesting TikTok.

Liam Daly

Did you know that your pets don’t see the world the same way you do? While most of us know that dogs see in black and white, the specifics have been something many have struggled to conceptualise. Luckily, one man has shared exactly what our pets see in an easy-to-understand video – and it has viewers shocked!

In the video, TikTok user Liam Daly compares how different animals see the world. The video starts off with a simple black and white transition to show viewers how their dogs see the world, the video then educates viewers on how more unconventional animals see.

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The video highlights the incredibly blurry vision of a snail, to the colourful vision of a giant clam and the heightened senses and improved vision of a jumping spider.


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“Omg I have the eyesight of a snail,” one user joked as others enjoyed the experience Liam took them on. The video proved so interesting that users asked Liam for a part two, which sees the TikToker sharing some insight into what cats and other animals see.

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Interestingly, cats see the world almost the same as colour-blind humans, although their night-time vision greatly improves.


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The videos have proven so popular that they have become part of a series Liam is developing on his page. So far, he has shared five videos that include nuggets of information about animals and, more specifically, how their eyes work.

Image courtesy: TikTok

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