Holiday Drama: When you cannot find your Tupperware...

Holiday Drama: When you cannot find your Tupperware...

Are you one of those guests that doesn't return the Tupperware? 

Holiday Drama: When you cannot find your Tupperware...
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The holidays bring about cheer and heartiness, family time and, of course, our love for food. Food brings us all together. It joins people from different cultures and backgrounds and can be such a beautiful way of uniting people. 

So of course when it comes to the holiday season, all the family members get together to bring their special preparations to each others' homes and share in the festivities. 

And somehow there is always enough to feed everyone and then some. So in true South African spirit, the mothers and grandmothers get together to pack some food away for the guests. 

Things are all well and good, everyone is happy, no cooking for the next day... Yay! But then a few days pass, then a week, then a month, and the fancy Tupperware containers end up in your fridge, storing your leftovers. 

All the owners can be placed in two categories, category one - they write you off, meaning you will never, ever get another fancy Tupperware from them (hereon they will keep the old margarine containers or ice cream tub containers for you). 

Then category two - they call you up and ask you when you will be returning those containers... Now that is 'G' status. The reason we say this is because if you own Tupperware then you know the value in it. So there's no way you are going to just let someone take it without you actually gifting it to them. 

Which brings us to the holiday aftermath...

What other things have you lent out to friends and family during the holidays that you have yet to see returned? Or are you the type of person who lends, knowing that you most likely are not going to get it back? 

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