Vic Naidoo: "This is why I don't eat birthday cake!"

Vic Naidoo: "This is why I don't eat birthday cake!"

Do you still eat birthday cake after someone blows out the candles?

LISTEN: Vic Naidoo "I'm going to spit all over the cake...
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East Coast Radio is turning 25 this weekend and we have been inspired to chat about birthdays. Of course, one of the main elements of celebrating your birthday is about blowing out the birthday candles and making a wish. 

The tradition has been long standing and we actually don't know where it came from, but for kids and many adults, it's literally the highlight of your birthday. The fact that you feel like it is all about you - it's your moment, and that this moment is dedicated to making your wish. 

Vic Naidoo spoke about the fact that this is the reason he doesn't like eating birthday cake. As much as he loves it, it is the fact that the birthday person's spit is all over the cake and yet we eagerly wait for a slice. 

Besides that awkwardness of standing there in front a candlelit birthday cake, whilst everyone sings for you, there is the fact that cake has a layer of bacteria and all this was even before the pandemic. 

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