Hawks issue warning to women about dating scams

Hawks issue warning to women about dating scams

Sometimes things aren't as rosy as they seem...

Woman seated at a table with her phone and a cup of coffee
Woman seated at a table with her phone and a cup of coffee/Pexels

We have heard about many scams online recently, particularly those that are targeting women. 

Romance scams are described as "emotional manipulation to trick victims into sending money or performing some other illegal activity. They usually begin online, either through a dating app or social media" (MSN)

It's not like this is a new concept, but during a time where so many people are looking online to find love, it certainly is a market that is swimming with criminals. 

It is for this very reason that "The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) has issued a public warning to women about dating scams after receiving numerous complaints..." (MSN)

According to the Hawks, scammers are targeting women, specifically those that are "single, recently divorced, widowed, or have inherited valuable assets."

That is extremely scary considering the dating scene. People who go looking for love have a certain sense of vulnerability, and for someone to take advantage of that, is just horrible. 

"Scammers pretend to be looking for a wife to marry within a very short space of time. In a short while, they would come up with business proposals where the victims would be promised unbelievable dividends,” said the Hawks." (MSN)

In some cases, the scammers create a scenario that appeals to the woman's sense of sympathy. They place themselves in a situation of grave danger and appeal to their sympathetic side. 

Now as much as you may be saying, how can anyone be fooled by a scam artist, let it be known that scammers can come across as completely genuine and it can happen to anyone. 

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This is why we are pleased that the Hawks have provided some valuable signs to look out for. 

The Hawks offered some signs that women should look out for when approached by these men, to avoid being duped by scam artists:

  • They look and sound very caring and responsible.
  • They always come up with business proposals.
  • They do not want their pictures taken.
  • They do not want to meet with you in a public place.
  • They always hide their identification documents.
  • They do not introduce you to their families.
  • They want to own everything in a relationship.
  • They do not take you to their real house.
  • They come up with contradictory stories. (MSN)

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