Have you ever been a victim of hatfishing?

Have you ever been a victim of hatfishing?

People have been victims of catfishing on dating sites, but it turns out there is more than one way to trick your way into someone's heart.

Hatfishing beanie

It's hard being comfortable in your skin.

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Self-acceptance, self-love, and body confidence can be hard to achieve.

And even the people who are seemingly completely comfortable in their own bodies or even "perfect" have insecurities.

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If you have no idea what we're talking about and you are one of these people, please share with us how you do it?

Anyway, unfortunately, insecurities can lead to catfishing, with people using false identities to deceive others on dating sites/apps.

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Now it's going even further with a new catfishing "trend" - hatfishing.

Vic decided to address this and asked the balding/hairless men of KZN: "To what lengths have you gone to hide your balding/bald head?"

For more unmissable Vic Naidoo moments, listen here:

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