People get paid to be 'bed-testers' in five-star hotels

People get paid to be 'bed-testers' in five-star hotels

Getting paid for sleeping? Where do we sign up?

Sleeping in hotel

Most people are lucky enough to land their dream jobs.

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But it most likely requires you to wakeup, get ready for the day, and then grind and hustle for quite a few hours.

And most of us probably have trouble sleeping or never feel like we've actually had the right amount of hours of sleep.

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Well, what if you could make some cash money while working hard, but it wouldn't actually require you to work hard?


Let's explain: Tielle Love Luxury (a linen brand) is looking for a 'bed tester' who will be sent to the top hotels in the UK.

Tielle Love Luxury

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While you can apply for the job, technically they will be announcing a winner.

Either way, you could still make some good money.

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You'll be given five free stays in top tier hotels, and you'll be able to bring a guest.

The winner will also receive £500 for any travel expenses to the hotels and £1,000 in cash.

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After your stay, you'll just have to provide feedback and that's it!

It really does sounds like the most ideal 9 - 5.

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