Woman marries herself after devastating break-up

Woman marries herself after devastating break-up

After a break-up left her devastated, one woman went on a journey of self-love by marrying herself.

woman marries herself

We know that self-love is extremely important, but one woman from Georgia in the United States took the idea to the extreme after a devastating break-up inspired her to tie the knot – to herself.

Meg Taylor Morrison, 35, explains that she felt like her life came crumbling down after splitting from her fiancé four months before their planned October 2020 wedding. So, she 'married' herself as a symbol of 'self-love' – and it has the whole internet buzzing!

Meg explains that after her engagement crumbled, she decided to keep parts of the ceremony as planned as she celebrated herself. So, she said her vows in a mirror and kissed her reflection instead of marrying someone else. 

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Ten of Meg's closest friends and family came together to witness the ceremony, which took place at an Airbnb in Boulder, Colorado, with all guests adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. 

Meg admits that she had envisioned having her wedding during the pandemic for a while, saying: “I had heard of self-marriages before and I always dreamed of getting married on Halloween 2020. I thought why not marry myself, it could be really fun.”

She adds: “I had my Pinterest board like so many young women do and I just decided to make it a reality. Turning into a commitment to self-love and take care of myself. [I] put myself first, because I think any good relationship whether it's with ourselves or with other people really begins by having appreciation for ourselves.”

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Meg admits that while her engagement fell apart, she had already ordered a custom-made wedding cake and chose the perfect dress - and didn’t want anything she had already paid for go to waste.

Naturally, Meg’s decision has left her family, and social media users, divided. Some were impressed with her resilience to her journey, while others believe the whole thing is a ridiculous cry for attention.

Meg admits that her mother, for one, was not sold on the idea. “She was a little bit nervous that it might be seen as egotistical or that people might take it the wrong way, but we had a great conversation about it,” Meg explained. “In the end I said ‘this is really my chance to put down people pleasing and to trust myself and what I want’. What I see the difference could make for me and even for other people who attend the wedding. And who knows for some people watching this show. Once she got the idea of what it was and the meaning behind it, she really came around and she's my biggest supporter anyway.”

While she’s enjoying her honeymoon period, Meg admits that she hasn’t closed herself off to marrying someone else, and hopes to find her prince charming soon.

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Image courtesy: MDW Features

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