Google search data reveals what people are dreaming about in the world

Google search data reveals what people are dreaming about in the world

What do your dreams say about you?

Google search data reveals what people are dreaming about in the world...
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Dreams have traditionally been described as thoughts that are manifested in our sub-conscious. That state of being in-between reality and your mind's personal matrix. 

For some time now, dream interpretation has revealed some insight into the human mind. The interest surrounding dreams has everything to do with explaining our sub-conscious and ultimately guide our present state of consciousness. 

On that note, "New research by Secret Linen Store has used Google search data to reveal what people dream about most often around the world." (IOL)

The most common dreams are about dogs, being pregnant, and, wait for it... snakes. Dreaming about snakes is noted as the most common in South Africa, while Brits dream mostly about being pregnant.

"According to the luxury bedding retailer, dogs are what the world dreams about the most at night, following analysis of the types of dreams 185 countries Google regularly." (IOL)

The store used a list of over 390 common dream subjects to ascertain whether dreams varied according to country, and to find out which subjects were being researched on Google. 

Quite smart if you ask us. There's something fulfilling in finding out what your dreams reveal. It's like reading what your star sign says about you. It affirms something or sets your mind off on a tangent to dig deeper as to what it is your sub-conscious is thinking about. 

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On that note, the revelations behind dreaming about snakes in countries such as South Africa and Rwanda were quite deep in nature. 

"The data experts explain that snakes slithering their way into our dreams are often associated with struggling to make a tricky decision, perhaps bringing to light something they need to confront in their waking life." (IOL)

While dreaming about dogs is associated with loyalty and protection, in relation to relationships, dreams about being pregnant is rooted with going through something new in one's life, also a great indicator that you are in a chapter of growth as a person. 

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