Doctor explains why couples should get a ‘sleep divorce’

Doctor explains why couples should get a ‘sleep divorce’

Dr Karan Rajan gets candid on how sleeping in the same bed as someone else can lead to a poor night’s sleep.

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There’s nothing better than waking up feeling refreshed after a good sleep, right? However, Dr Karan Rajan explains that sleeping in the same bed as someone else can stop this from happening on the regular. So, he believes couples who share a bed at night should consider getting a 'sleep divorce' in order to improve their sleeping patterns. 

While cuddling up with your loved one is great, the doctor admits that sleeping in the same bed as them can have a massive impact on the quality of your sleep. So, he suggests couple take what he calls a ‘sleep divorce’. 

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Sharing his thoughts in a video on TikTok, Dr Rajan says: "You should always sleep alone. If the other person moves around in their sleep, or snores, that will stop you getting into the deep stages of sleep your body needs to recharge, affecting sleep quality.”


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While the statement is rather harsh, as most couples do sleep in the same bed together, the doctor explains that “not everyone shares the same sleep cycles, forcing two people to share the same bedtime will leave one or both chronically sleep-deprived."

He adds that sharing a bed with your partner can also cause you to overheat, which also has an impact on your sleep. "One of the triggers you need to fall asleep is a drop in core body temperature," Dr Rajan continues. "Sharing a bed with someone increases body heat, so it's going to take longer for you to fall asleep."

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Couples have opened up that sleeping in separate beds has had a positive impact on their relationship. "Can we normalise this please! I love my husband but I HATE sharing a bed with him. He thinks I'm horrible for thinking this,” one user commented. Another adds: "My husband and I have our own bedrooms. Best sleep finally after 31 years married." 

Dr Rajan, however, has accepted a few exceptions to this rule. "I sleep a million times better with someone in my bed. I have awful PTSD and nightmares and I feel safe with someone,” one user commented, to which the doctor replied, "There's always exceptions, specific examples like that!"

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