Golden retriever makes R19m a year from social media

Golden retriever makes R19m a year from social media

We guess people have been barking up the right tree with this dog...

Golden retriever posing in the rain
Golden retriever posing in the rain/Instagram Screenshot/@tuckerbudzyn

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When you hear that there is such a thing as a pet influencer award, then you realise that social media is colossal. 

Six-year-old Golden Retriever, Tucker, is the king of the pet influencers in the USA, and we know this from his annual earnings of $1-million. That's a whopping R19-million! 

Tucker's bio on Instagram says that he is a two time pet influencer awardee and he has over 3.4-million followers. 

As you see from the video above, he has a son, Todd, who is just as awesome, not to mention entertaining. 

Some people were born for showbiz and some dogs were born to entertain. Tucker and Todd Budzyn are those dogs. 

If you know anything about social media-sponsored ads, you will know that they cost a lot. 

“A YouTube-paid post can be anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 for a 30-minute pre-roll,” said Tucker’s owner Courtney Budzyn. “Instagram, we make about $20,000 for anywhere from three to eight stories.” (Instagram)

Dog mum, Courtney Budzyn, used to clean houses for a living, while dog dad, Mike, was a civil engineer. 

But after Tucker went viral on social media, they both had to quit their jobs to manage Tucker and Todd's social media careers. 

For them to have quit their jobs to manage their furry children's careers is a clear indication of how much they are making. Materialising off your kid's talent sure is 'the life'. 

Check out the cute video of dad and son below, courtesy of Instagram

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