Man might miss wedding because his dog is not housetrained

Man might miss relative's wedding because his dog is not housetrained

This dog owner has to choose between staying home with his dog or attending a relative's wedding. 

A dog lies on a pillow with eyes closed
A dog lies on a pillow with eyes closed/Instagram Screenshot/@rorymarc

A dog owner is caught in between attending his relative’s wedding or staying home with his dog.

According to a post on, the dog owner wanted to sleep over at a relative’s house with his dog which is not yet housetrained.

“I had invited a relative to stay with us for a family wedding. He accepted but then told me his dog isn't housetrained,” reads the post on mumsnet.

The writer says he has no issues with people coming over with their pets as long as they are housetrained.

“To be clear, we have dogs and are normally happy to have family bring their pets too but our dogs are all fully trained.”

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The writer added that he recently bought new carpets and is afraid that dogs that are not housetrained might mess them up.

“All our carpets are new - less than a month old - and the house is open plan so it's impossible to contain his dog while he is here,” reads the post.

However, the writer says the fear is that not allowing the relative to come over with the untrained dog might mean he misses the wedding.

“I've said he can't bring the dog but it looks like that will mean he misses the wedding so I feel guilty.”


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