Giving smokers harsh looks could stop public smoking

Giving smokers harsh looks could stop public smoking

This could be the resolution to many, many social disruptions. 

A person holding a lit cigarette in hand
A person holding a lit cigarette in hand/Pexels/@Irina Iriser

There has long been a divide when it comes to smokers and non-smokers.

Of course, over the years there has been an evolution to the simple cigarette. With the rise of vaping and the vast community evolving to this practice. 

But the purists have stuck to their addiction even through the ups and downs. However, that doesn't mean it is an accepted social practice. 

There have been laws in place that stop smoking in public, for the most part, due to the second-hand effects of smoking. 

But this doesn't stop a smoker from smoking. It just provides them with an alternative way around it. 

The smoking community has been stereotyped as rebels; smoking in public even when they aren't allowed to. Even defying the rules and not smoking in designated smoking areas. 

We assume it is for this reason that the Secretary of Health in Hong Kong, Lo Chung-mau, has proposed that society get involved in the defying nature of many smokers. 

He has proposed an "unconventional method to discourage smoking in public areas. He suggested that citizens should stare disapprovingly at smokers violating non-smoking zones, even in the absence of law enforcement officers." (Instagram)

It seems a disapproving look comes with its pros. No one likes to be looked at like they are doing something wrong. Well, not everyone likes that. We're not certain many smokers will let this affect them enjoying a puff. 

Chung-mau's proposition is based on the premise that if the public collectively come together to give smokers a disapproving look, then this will deter them from lighting up a cigarette. 

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As much as we admire his innovative approach to social change, not everyone welcomed his idea. 

"Some lawmakers criticized the idea, stating that enforcement should be the primary focus. Hong Kong is currently considering stricter anti-smoking regulations, including a ban on cigarette sales to certain age groups and increased taxes." (Instagram)

Which leads us to the question...

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