Total ban on indoor smoking on the cards for South Africa

Total ban on indoor smoking on the cards for South Africa

The latest movements in parliament leave smokers outraged! 

SA Law: Total ban on indoor smoking in South Africa?
SA Law: Total ban on indoor smoking in South Africa?/ iStock

People who smoke and vape are fuming after an appeal regarding laws on indoor smoking in public spaces finally hit parliament.

The proposed bill, which was initiated five years ago, focuses on South Africa's laws around cigarettes and electronic vaping products -  which are now one step closer to becoming stricter.

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Business Insider shares: "Major changes are on the horizon for South Africa's smokers following Cabinet's recent approval of the Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill's submission to Parliament. "

Furthermore, this particular bill, if introduced as part of the country's legislature, will replace the Tobacco Products Control Act of 1993.

A combined effort between the South African government, and the department of health are fighting for tobacco products to be much more tightly controlled, in line with directives issued by the World Health Organisation.

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The key points of this bill are "to deter people, especially children and youth, from using tobacco products, encourage existing users to quit, and protect non-smokers from tobacco smoke exposure."

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So what does this mean for us?

Smoking indoors in a public space will not be permissible with even some outdoor public spaces off-limits.

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