Fried chilli latte, anyone?

Fried chilli latte, anyone?

Hmm, that sounds interesting. There's nothing like a chilli to give you a good wake-up call. 

A person placing slice chilli into a cup of iced latte
A person placing slice chilli into a cup of iced latte/X Screenshot/@Nanchang_China

We are familiar with the controversial Chai Latte that came onto the coffee streets claiming to be a 'tea' flavoured latte. 

Many have opinions about this drink, which includes a variety of spices and presents itself as part of the coffee family. It is one of those drinks you either love or hate and is a sham for many die-hard coffee drinkers. 

But now, a coffee shop in China has flipped the coffee script on its head. This one sounds like it will have you sweating... or so we assume. 

A coffee shop in China has introduced a spicy latte that includes chillies. 

"Jingshi Coffee, a shop in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, eastern China, launched the spicy latte in December last year, it is now selling up to 300 cups a day, Pear Video reported." (SCMP)

The province of Jiangxi is known for its spicy food and now for its spicy drinks. 

The new flavoured coffee is a hit with the locals and despite what we may think seeing sliced chilli featured as a coffee topper, the locals say "it tastes fine".

Watch a video of the spicy coffee drink below, courtesy of X

The drink costs 20 yuan (R53). 

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What's even more crazy is that coffee mogul Starbucks has created a drink that has pork in it. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of YouTube

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