Could coffee help you lose weight?

Could coffee help you lose weight?

Okay, you've got my attention...

A woman drinking a cup of coffee
A woman drinking a cup of coffee/Pexels/@Anastasia Shuraeva

We have heard many things about coffee over the years. From it being bad for your health, to the theories about weight loss. 

It is safe to say that the purists haven't cared much for the theories and have always picked their cuppa Joe over anything else. But getting back to that theory about weight loss and coffee...

"It’s no secret that caffeine can be the perfect wingman on your weight loss journey, but how much do you need every day in order to shed the pounds?" (New York Post)

“Coffee contains caffeine, which has thermogenic effects and can speed up metabolism, helping you to burn more calories,” The Nutrition Twins told a reporter. “Some studies have shown that it can help to decrease BMI, body weight, and body fat. Coffee can also curb appetite and reduce hunger.” (New York Post)

So, it seems it can help but don't put all your coffee beans in one pot. The details are not that clear. Research has revealed that if you drink a cup of coffee before a meal then this can reduce the calorie intake of the meal you eat thereafter. 

And this still works if you've had the coffee hours before you decide to eat your first meal. 

"A new study has found that women who drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day have less body fat than those who don’t drink it. Researchers discovered that coffee may contain compounds that can help reduce a person's total percentage of body fat. Women aged 20-44 who drink 2/3 cups of coffee a day had 3.4% less body fat than those who don’t drink coffee. Women aged 45-69 who drink 4 or more cups a day had 4.1% less body fat than women who don’t drink it. Overall research shows women of all ages who drink 2/3 cups a day have an average of 2.8% less body fat than non-drinkers." (Unbranded

Although this information was shared online six months ago, the research seems to be from over four years ago and the link between coffee and body fat was an association rather than something set in stone. 

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It's also important to note that while having a cup of coffee has impacted a very small study of people with their body fat, having a cup of coffee with creamer, milk, sugar, and whipped cream doesn't quite cut it. . 

So, if we were you, enjoy your dose (within reason) because everything in life is about balance. 

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