SPUR waiters share a joyful song in true #SouthAfrican spirit! #FreedomDay

#FreedomDay: Spur staff share a joyful song in true South African style!

The Spur family shares a joyful song as a commemoration of Freedom Day, a heart-warming campaign that leaves us feeling nostalgic. 

SPUR waiters share a joyful song in true #SouthAfrican spirit! #FreedomDay
Youtube Screenshot/Spur Steak Ranches

As we approach Freedom Day, we are left with goosebumps as Spur releases their happy birthday song to our South Africa. Could it be that as we move on to a life filled with 'pandemic normality' we have missed many a birthday song and the special feeling of celebration that comes with it? 

The Spur choir sing with true South African energy and this is a true commemoration of the resilience of the South African spirit. What a lovely way to go into Freedom Day!

The video tells us that they have missed 600,000 birthdays in 2020 and we can believe that marks many missed celebrations for both South African Spur lovers and the Spur family around the country. 

Spur is famous for their happy birthday song, the special feeling kids (and even some adults) get when they know that clap, clap, clapety clap is coming to greet their birthday song in a restaurant full of people - it just gets you feeling all special and and happy inside. 

Happy Birthday, Mzansi. May we all forever hold this day close to our hearts. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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