Flying with your small pup has never been easier

Flying with your small pup has never been easier

South African airline LIFT is set to launch dog-friendly flights that allow travellers to carry their pup on board.


Until now, flying with your small dog has been a nightmare. However, LIFT, the newest domestic airline to take to the skies, knows how quickly dogs become part of the family so they’ve just launched a series of dog-friendly flights that allow travellers to travel with their pup inside the cabin.

According to the exciting announcement, as posted on their official website, “Your dog will now be able to travel in a pet-friendly carry bag placed under the seat in front of you.”

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The airline understands that these flights may not be ideal for those who aren’t fans of animals or have allergies which is why only a limited number of pets are allowed to travel on these selected flights. The airline also confirms that a rigorous cleaning schedule is conducted in between flights as well.

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LIFT explains that the new service is currently only for small dogs who can fit in the space under the seat and they aren’t able to accommodate big dogs at the moment. However, the airline will continue working on new ways to accommodate travellers with larger pets and are looking at other options in the future.

Here’s how to book this service:

This service must be requested at least 72 hours before your intended date of travel.

STEP 1 – Fill out the Special Request Form. You DON’T need to book a flight.

STEP 2 – Select the “Travel With Your Small Dog” option and complete all required information.

STEP 3 – LIFT Support Desk will be in contact within 24 hours to confirm availability. The cost of the dog-friendly booking (blocked-off seat) will be equal to the fare paid by the accompanying adult.

STEP 4 – Your booking confirmation will be emailed to you once our Customer Support Desk has processed your request.

STEP 5 – Arrive at the airport at least 2-hours before departure. Please ensure you have your dog’s carrier and all relevant travel documents. More info below.

Vic asked Durban how they feel about small pets being allowed on flights:

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