Woman high on anaesthetic tells husband how much she’s crushing on her nurse

Woman high on anaesthetic tells husband how much she’s crushing on her nurse

Moments after coming out of surgery, a woman tells her husband how much she is attracted to her nurse in an hilarious clip.

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Going under anaesthetic is a scary thing for most people. Besides the idea that you’re going in for surgery and hoping that the effects of the anaesthetic kick in, many also worry about what they would say or do when the anaesthetic starts to wear off. One woman left her husband, and thousands on social media, in stitches after she couldn’t stop talking about how much she was attracted to Ryan, her nurse.

In the video shared on social media app TikTok, Kelli Dougal, the patient, can't stop talking to her husband about nurse Ryan, as the drugs seemed to have loosened her tongue. Unfazed by her latest crush, her husband Brandon couldn’t stop laughing as Kelli goes on telling him how much she finds the nurse attractive.

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"Nothing like an attractive nurse to help you feel like you're on Grey's Anatomy,” Kelli captioned the clip.


Nothing like an attractive nurse to help you feel like you’re on Grey’s Anatomy ##husbandsoftiktok ##wakingupinthemorning ##remembering ##funny ##fyp

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In the video, Kelli is lying in her hospital bed and hilariously tells her husband that “The nurses were very good looking. Did you see Ryan? I felt like he was in Grey's Anatomy." 

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She adds: "He was good looking, the other one was good looking too. Ryan was very good, he came to get me and I thought 'he's good looking. I haven't been attracted to anyone besides you.”

When Brandon asked if Kelli was attracted to Ryan, she said "I think so. I think he was a good attractive movie star. I felt like I was in a TV show."

When a user commented “Guys probably hurting inside. I’d say it’s sad more than anything else,” Kelli assured him that she told her husband he was good looking as well by sharing a follow-up clip.

"That's why I married you, I think you're so good looking,” Kelli says in the second clip while her husband roars with laughter in the background. "I think you're so good looking. I like to have you pressed against me when you're not wearing a shirt."

The hilarious clip has viewers in stitches. "Tell me you're in a healthy relationship without telling me you're in a healthy relationship,” one user said. "This is great. What a great husband you have,” another added.

Have you had awkward moments while coming out of anaesthesia? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

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