Five mindful tips when drinking alcohol this holiday season

Five mindful tips when drinking alcohol this holiday season

You don't only have to follow these tips during the festive season, you can practice it each time you consume alcohol. 

People having a party drinking alcohol
People having a party drinking alcohol/Pexels/@RDNE Stock project

We all know that December is usually a time for over indulging with friends and family. 

Not only do people overindulge with food but some are known to overindulge with alcohol. 

As we progress into a New Year, it is important to note that just as we are mindful about our lives, we should also be mindful of our alcohol consumption. 

Before we get into the list, we wanted to cite a bit of information about mindful drinking. 

"A key aspect of mindfulness is to slow down so we can increase awareness." (Psychology Today)

Mindful drinking also allows the drinker to pay attention to the taste of alcohol and not just the effects it has on your person. It is also an opportunity to ask yourself questions about what lies beneath drinking alcohol for you. 

We have listed five tips on becoming a more mindful drinker with the objective being to slow down. 

Below are tips set forth by the Psychology Today website

1. Don't drink beer out of a bottle. Ask for a glass. The process of asking for a glass (and maybe having to pour it yourself) will help you slow down. Unlike a dark bottle or can, drinking from a glass also lets you see how much beer you have left. The glass increases your awareness and helps you consume more slowly.

2. Try drinking better beer, and pay attention to the alcohol content. Don't be afraid to ask for the alcohol content. ake the time to slow down, breathe, ask. Also, cheap beer can taste like water, making it easy to drink like water. Better quality beer can help you slow the drinking process down, and you won't want to drink good beer like water. Savor. This is true for wine as well.

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3. Taste what you are drinking. Slow down that first sip and actually taste what you are drinking. Take a sip, and let the liquid linger in your mouth for a few seconds before you swallow. Notice the texture, temperature, and flavour. Is it sweet? Bitter? Do you even like how it tastes?

4. Don't use a straw for mixed drinks. Straws can make a cocktail disappear quickly. Slow down by simply drinking from the glass. Letting go of the lipstick is a better tradeoff than "being that girl".

The last one is from us. 

5. Always have a designated driver or call a taxi when you have been drinking. As much as you are being mindful of the amount of alcohol you are drinking, it is also important to be responsible.

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