We've been pronouncing Denzel Washington's name incorrectly

We've been pronouncing Denzel Washington's name incorrectly

Would you let people pronounce your name incorrectly?

American actor Denzel Washington wearing a black suit
American actor Denzel Washington wearing a black suit/Instagram Screenshot/@denzelwashington.official

Some might not be phased by the names they were given at birth. 

Then some are all about living up to their names. A man like Denzel Washington, one of Hollywood's finest actors and directors, breathes wisdom and self-confidence. 

So, when we think of him, we wouldn't think that the world has been mispronouncing his name. 

But it seems that fans have been mispronouncing his name this whole time. 

An old video of him on the 'Graham Norton Show' recently resurfaced and shows him sharing that his name is pronounced as 'Denzel (Den-zul)' and not 'Denzelle'. 

Can you even imagine the shock and horror? 

Washington was named after his father and because they both had the same name, things got a bit confusing in their household.

His mother decided to call him 'Denzelle' as a way of omitting the confusion between him and his dad. 

And it stuck. All these years later he never corrected anyone because he liked his mother's way of saying his name. 

Watch the clip below, courtesy of YouTube

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