Eminem's ex-wife has been hospitalised with talks of a suicide attempt

Eminem's ex-wife has been hospitalised with talks of a suicide attempt

Eminem's ex-wife, Kim Scott, is said to be mentally unstable as she allegedly attempted suicide...

Eminem's ex-wife Kim Scott has been hospitalised with talks of a suicide attempt
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We all love the man behind '8 Mile', the man that brought us the Real Slim Shady and showed us that rap doesn't have to be boxed into a certain stereotype.

The man behind all the success was married to Kim Scott in 1999 and then divorced in 2001. Their relationship hasn't been pictured as a whirlwind romance type, instead she has been referenced in many of his songs (and not in a good way). 

Kim recently lost her mother and this has obviously affected her mental state of mind. She was recently said to have attempted suicide, just a day after her mother's funeral. 

Reports from Page Six said: "Scott, 46, allegedly cut herself as she had small lacerations on her legs and a fair amount of blood had spilled onto the floor. Authorities reportedly rushed her to the hospital for medical and psychological evaluation, but she has since returned home to recover." 

Kim lost her sister, Dawn, in 2016 due to a suspected drug overdose and has never been the same since. She has been recorded saying that she would never feel whole again after losing her sister. 

There hasn't been any formal response from both Kim and Eminem at the time of us writing this piece. But the thing that we would like to concentrate on is the mental state of mind. Everyone deals with grief, stress, anxiety, and their feelings differently. 

Granted, but checking in on people is so important, sometimes one's mental state of mind can take over and when you are alone, these thoughts and feelings can seem amplified. It's not easy in general, but with the add on of a pandemic, it can be worse for people who do feel alone. 

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