Eleven year old boy genius becomes the youngest ever physics graduate

Eleven-year-old boy genius becomes the youngest ever physics graduate

Laurent Simons has something special about him, besides the fact that he is the youngest-ever college graduate after earning a bachelor's degree in physics from Belgium's University of Antwerp. 

Eleven year old boy genius becomes the youngest ever physics graduate
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During times of hardship and struggles, it is sometimes difficult to find the good and the will to keep going. But some are just natural go-getters and this little boy shows us that when you have passion, nothing can get in your way. 

When it comes to people who are born with special abilities such as this young prodigy, there's no telling at what age they will blossom. For Laurent Simons, from a tender age he has been knocking down goals, one happened to be becoming the "youngest ever college graduate after earning a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Belgium's University of Antwerp," Interesting Engineering reports.

Laurent could've graduated even earlier, but officials refused to allow him to graduate before reaching 10 years of age. 

"Hailing from the Belgium city of Ostend, Laurent Simons earned a greater distinction than other students after graduating with an astonishing 85%, in addition to completing the course in just one year, as opposed to the conventional three," Interesting Engineering adds.

This young boy looks like an ordinary young boy, who engages in ordinary things, but he has a talent that is truly amazing. His plans aren't like that of many other 11-year-olds. Acquiring and applying knowledge is of great importance to him and his life goals. 

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