Sheldon Cooper is that you? Twelve-year-old boy graduates college!

Sheldon Cooper is that you? Twelve-year-old boy graduates college!

Mike Wimmer, a 12-year old boy from North Carolina, USA, used the pandemic to his advantage and will be graduating from high school and college in May. 

12-year old boy graduates high school and college in the same week!

Many people used the lockdown for self-development, learning more about DIY, and taking time to read and cook, but this young man ('boy' doesn't seem appropriate considering his accomplishments) took it a whole leap further by completing four years of high school and a two year associate's degree all in one year! 

According to CNN, this wasn't Mike's plan: "The student was taking dual enrollment classes and realised that at the pace he was going, he just needed a few more classes to get his associate's degree by his high school graduation."

Looking into Mike's history, it's not surprising that he is graduating at such a youthful age. He said that he received his first iPad when he was 18 months and was intrigued. He has a love for robotics and calls himself the "maths and science guy".

"He learned almost all of his programming and robotic knowledge through trial and error and online videos," his website, Next Era Innovations, states. 

We're left in awe of this young man and his mental maturity amazes us even more. Many adults aren't able to fully acknowledge their life plans out well into their adulthood and yet he is able to clearly set out his goals, while also still staying a kid and enjoying kid stuff. 

His parents are super proud of him and his mum told CNN: "If one door's locked, he'll find out another way around to figure out how to accomplish his goals," his mother, Melissa Wimmer."

We love his energy and his go-getter; attitude - he tweeted @ElonMusk yesterday and we hope he gets a response!

To the boy with the vision - we salute you!

Image Courtesy of Twitter

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