DYK: Orange juice vs Coca-Cola - which do you think has more sugar?

DYK: Orange juice vs Coca-Cola - which do you think has more sugar?

As we move into colder weather, we always try to up our vitamin intake and Vitamin C is always at the top of the list. But how much sugar does that store bought orange juice actually contain?

Orange Juice versus Coca Cola which has more sugar?

There is this immediate assumption when you think about fruit juices that they are the healthier option in comparison to soft drinks. But we beg to differ when it comes to this assumption...

Traditionally, people associate fruit or fruit juices with being healthy, but researchers have revealed that eating fresh fruit is far better than consuming a glass of fruit juice. Which is riddled with loads of sugar! 

When it comes to orange juice versus Coca-Cola, you will never believe it, but the truth is that our firm and trusted orange juice isn't much healthier for you than a glass of a typical soft drink...

According to Business Insider, "At best, it may contain a few added vitamins and a couple of grams less sugar - at worst, it contains more sugar than vitamin C." 

"Although juice is indeed high in sugar, the scientists found that certain nutrients in orange juice might be easier for the body to absorb than when a person consumes them from unprocessed fruit," ACS website explains.

But the contention behind this is that freshly prepared juice can outweigh the benefits of processed juices. Just saying...

What's interesting to us is that the story behind stereotyping orange juice as a staple breakfast drink, which stemmed from the US, is a non-facto and yet the image associated with it has been widely adopted by many. 

"Although winter usually marks an increase in the sale of orange juice, and COVID-19 gave citrus sales an extra boost in 2020, research suggests that the beverage has little impact on helping you recover from colds or flu," Business Insider continues.

When it comes to the comparison and the mental state of minds of those that opt for the sugary OJ in comparison to the gassy soft drink, we think - whatever makes you happy boo... "You do you, boo!" 

Well, the last bit of advice we can offer is - stay informed, if having the juice makes you feel like you are being healthier then that's your choice, just always be mindful.

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