Durban resident doing her bit to help bring the beauty back to her city

Durban resident doing her bit to help bring the beauty back to her city

Ellysa Entwistle is a Durban resident who wants to do all that she can to make her city beautiful again...

COMMUNITY: Durban Resident doing her bit to help bring the beauty back to her city

If there is one thing that we have come out on top with, it definitely has to be our sense of community and our willingness to help each other during tough times. We remember someone saying that if you can't be there for me during hardship, then I don't need you during the good times. 

That rings true, especially during the tough times that many South Africans have had to face due to the pandemic and the unrest that happened last week. So when we see community initiatives that focus their attention on uplifting the beauty of our city, we are here for it!

Ellysa Entwistle, a Durban North resident, decided she wanted to help bring back some of Durban's beauty. She has been contacting the eThekwini Municipality for around two years for more bins, and has managed to secure concrete bins for Lothian Road and a few for North Coast Road.

Also amidst her clean up efforts, even before the destruction of last week, she went on a mission with her team to clean up the road signs. What sounds like a small act actually makes such a huge difference when it comes to the overall beauty of a street. 

She has created a Facebook group called Envirofixers, which is a community funded group that has taken on the project of trying to bring the beauty back in Durban North. 

She has visited many business owners in the area, several of them were frustrated with the condition of the areas outside their shops, but had no idea where to start with cleaning up.

She has even suggested that neighbours engage in plant swaps to beautify the areas outside their homes. A great way to create some green beauty is to use succulent plants, they are pretty but low maintenance. 

She is so passionate that she has even shared her personal number to offer help and advice wherever she can. What a wonderful way to bring about more unity within our communities. We could all take something away from Ellysa and perhaps even start sharing some beauty in our own communities. 

We are sure with all the air pollution that our city is going through at the moment, we could all do with more plant life helping us alleviate the problem.

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