Drinking crocodile blood twice a day keeps this man in shape

Drinking crocodile blood twice a day keeps this man in shape

Whatever happened to eating your veggies and exercise?

A person holding a brown crocodile
A person holding a brown crocodile/Pexels

Staying in shape is anything but easy, but once you get into it and start, the benefits are endless. 

The search for staying in shape has always seemed unattainable. People are always searching for this secret formula, a quick and fast way to look and feel good. 

But the truth is, the only way you can achieve it is by doing the work. 

Not for this Thai businessman. He went "viral for claiming that the secret to his good health is to drink crocodile blood mixed with alcohol twice a day. The businessman claims that he used to be physically weak and exhausted all the time, but ever since he started drinking crocodile blood, things took a massive turn for the better, and now he swears by the stuff." (Oddity Central)

He shared that he starts his day off with a mix of crocodile blood and a Thai spirit called lao khao. 

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Rojakorn Nanon is a 52-year-old man who found out about the cocktail from a crocodile farm. 

Wanchai Chaikerd, the owner of a crocodile farm in Ban Pho subdistrict, says that crocodiles have very little blood. Therefore it's best to mix it with lao khao. 

He sells it for 200 – 300 baht ($6 – $9) per glass. That's roughly R116 to R173 per glass. 

"Wanchai, who owns the largest crocodile farm in Trang Province, claims that his concoction helps circulation, strengthens red blood cells, increases platelet count and white blood cells, and nourishes egg and sperm cells. Apparently, crocodile blood can even cure infertility." (Oddity Central)

Those are tall claims to stand by and we're not sure how we feel about it all considering they sacrifice baby crocodiles to make this concoction...

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