Does Vic Naidoo trust his boss?

Does Vic Naidoo trust his boss?

Trust is a fundamental part of any relationship and when it's broken, it can be really hard to fix.

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Most people will tell you that trust forms part of the foundation of a healthy relationship.

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But most of us don't trust easily, because of how people have previously broken our trust.

Generally, trust isn't something that just occurs naturally, you have to work at it, and make it grow.

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Trusting too easily can lead to people walking all over you while having major trust-issues could lead you to never really building healthy relationships.

What are some of the biggest reasons people lose trust?

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Cheating, heartbreak, gossip, and betrayal, the list goes on.

Today, Vic shared what simple test he uses to see if he can trust people, and he recently used it on his boss.

Find out what happened right here:

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