Vic Naidoo addresses some controversial shower habits

Vic Naidoo addresses some controversial shower habits

Everyone has their own shower routine and they might do certain things a bit different...

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Shower routines can be quite sacred.

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It's a time to relax, maybe think about all the things that happened during the day or maybe you use this time to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Do you wash your hair first or your body?

Do you wash your face first or your hair?

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These are all small things that vary from person to person and generally don't cause much of a stir.

Who cares about the order in which you choose to cleanse yourself?

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However, it turns out that the order isn't a concern, but some people skip entire body parts when washing in the shower!

Take a listen to find out whether Vic and KZN thinks it's normal to scrub your shins in the shower:

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