Despite a pandemic, South Africa is still on the destination map

Despite a pandemic, South Africa is still on the destination map

It seems that even though the world is going through a pandemic, South Africa is still a place to visit for many tourists. 

South Africa is still a destination for people

Dude Perfect, a popular YouTube Channel, has a feature called 'Bucket List' and they decided to tick off one of their bucket list locations - South Africa. Their recent video released on YouTube is high on the trending list and shows them coming to South Africa to tick off some cool things to do in our beloved country. 

The channel is an American sports and comedy group headquartered in Frisco, Texas, United States. The crew consists of twin brothers, Cory and Coby Cotton, and their former roommates from college. To have a look at the quick view of their time here and what they got up to, watch the video below (Courtesy of Facebook).

"The channel is the current most subscribed sports channel on YouTube and the sixteenth most subscribed channel overall." (GoodThingsGuy)

If that doesn't say much about their popularity, then the fact that they have their own book launched as well as a vast array of merchandise should. 

And, you know, if it's on a T-shirt, then you've made it...

Watch the full episode of exploring SA with the Dude Perfect Team - Video Courtesy of YouTube

We are so delighted and proud that in such a tough time, the world over, that South Africa is still a destination on people's bucket lists. It really makes you think and reflect about being South African and how we sometimes are guilty of taking things for granted. We have the most beautiful wildlife, our outdoor activities are broad and abundant in almost all areas of KZN and the rest of the country, and we have some of the richest cultures and food. 

Let's choose to be grateful. 

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