Cutest collection of Minis at the Durban beachfront

Cutest collection of Minis at the Durban beachfront

What do you think of car clubs? There seem to be many of them in KZN...

A line of Mini's parked at the Durban beachfront
A line of Mini's parked at the Durban beachfront/TikTok Screenshot/@puzzlerzn

There's something to be said about people who find their people. It's like finding the missing piece of your puzzle. 

Sometimes that comes in different forms. And it seems that many car enthusiasts find their people in car clubs. 

We've seen these clubs pop up around Durban hotspots and it seems each club has their hearts set on their favourite car brands. 

We once saw a group of enthusiasts gather at the Japanese Gardens in Durban North. It was wonderful seeing people with similar interests join as a community. 

Isn't that what we all search for, a sense of belonging and acceptance?

Well, this time we found a group of Mini car enthusiasts. And no, we do not mean mini cars as in miniature cars, we mean the Mini brand of cars. 

Watch this pristine collection of cars that were parked at the Durban beachfront. 

If anything, it takes a patient and passionate person to restore and maintain an old car and these cars look beautifully maintained. 

Video courtesy of TikTok

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It's important to find your people. Whether that's a group of friends that you just click with or co-workers that get your jokes when no one else does. 

Check out another video from this club, courtesy of TikTok


Mini run 08.08.21midmar dam

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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