CRIME: What to do in the case of a home invasion

CRIME: What to do in the case of a home invasion

"The most prevalent crimes involving armed criminals are home invasions, hijackings, and follow-home robberies."

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Not to sound morbid or anything, but crime is a natural part of life nowadays. 

So instead of being afraid and waiting for things to go wrong, we wanted to feel armed with information. 

Because after all, being prepared for anything is better than sitting like a cold duck.

So some tips and first-hand knowledge from the professionals is always welcomed. 

Being wary of some red flag instances is certainly a starting point. 

One such being entering and leaving your home. Sometimes criminals use this as a way of trapping you in your home and taking full advantage of their stance of power. 

So be aware of your surroundings when leaving and entering your residence. 

Then there are moments of weakness - if you are carrying large amounts of cash and leaving a bank. Either make the necessary arrangements for protection, or alternatively find another way around carrying large amounts of cash. 

If you are in a home invasion situation, the first rule of thumb is to remain calm. Somehow we know that sounds easier than it is. 

Try not to make any sudden movements, because as much as you may be acting out of a place of fear and the will to protect your loved ones, the robbers are also filled with some sense of fear and may act erratically. 

"Observe the robbers and try to gather information on their appearances, voices, language used, etc. Look at clothing, distinguishing marks, height, and types of weapons, for example." (MSN)

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The objective is not about the amount of valuables you have lost, but staying alive and getting everyone out safe and sound. 

Once they have what they came for, lock all the doors and entrances, check on everyone and make sure everyone is okay. 

Contact the emergency services, whether that means pressing your panic button or contacting the police. 

And make sure to let them know if you require medical assistance. If you are parent, make sure to prepare your kids for anything. 

As much as it may be scary, it is a reality you would rather have them prepared for than not.

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