Creepy: "I heard you give your number to the cashier"

Creepy: "I heard you give your number to the cashier"

What's the creepiest way you ever got someone's number...

"I heard you give your number to the cashier": the creepiest way to get someone's digits...
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Do you ever wonder when giving out your number at your local supermarket, what if someone is recording the number? Well, maybe you don't care but it is sort of creepy if someone had to do that without asking...

But is it only creepy because of the psychotic behaviour of some people who have literally soured things for everyone? Because what if it was a romantic gesture, is that even a thing? You know the mysteriousness behind getting someone's number and being their secret admirer. 

Is that acceptable? We are not sure, because in this day and age, anything is possible - crime thrillers and horror movies get their script ideas from somewhere, right...

On that note, this really happened to someone who shared their story on social media. A woman who gave out her number to the cashier for a receipt, received a text from an unknown number.

The message read: 

"Hi! I was at the register next to you at Burlington earlier today. I heard you give your number for the receipt. I’m Jack, I was the one in the orange shirt." (TikTok)

"I was at the register when you gave your number out"
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Check out the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


Not only does Burlington have coats, they also have creeps :) 2 for 1 deal ##CurameChoreo ##ShowYourGlow ##fypシ ##36SecondsOfLightWork ##viralvideo

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But then we have to ask how different is this from interacting with someone on a dating app? Hmm, perhaps it's the matter of willingness, she did not willingly give him her number, so in that sense it is definitely not okay that he messaged out of the blue.

This is one of those moments where we realise that real life is very much different to the movies, if this happened in a romcom then we would consider it 'romantic' or 'cute'. Dating is hard, y'all. 

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