Couple ordered to demolish R1.9m extension by neighbours

Couple ordered to demolish R1.9m extension by neighbours

This is what we call petty AF!

Two houses in London pictured side by side
Two houses in London pictured side by side/TikTok Screenshot/@realestatereport

We've all heard of petty neighbours, but taking your neighbours to court is next-level petty. 

But that's just our opinion. 

One couple that literally got taken to court for extending their home onto their neighbour's land, really felt the pinch. The pinch of losing out on their £80,000 extension. 

"Shabaz Ashraf, 45, and his wife Shakira, 40, were ordered to tear down the extension to their £700,000 London home by a judge after their next-door neighbours accused them of deliberately building on their land and causing 'damp and mould' in their home." (Daily Mail)

It seems the neighbours, the Dhinjans, were not happy with the extension, as they believed that the Ashrafs intentionally strayed 2.68in (6.8cm).

"While admitting the 'encroachment' over their border is very small, the Dhinjans complained their neighbours' extension is making their own house damp and 'mouldy' because it is so close to their wall that it leaves no room for air circulation outside." (Daily Mail)

Now as much as it may seem silly to take someone to court for almost 7cm, the truth is that when you see the image of their extension, you will understand. 

Plus, everyone knows that real estate is money. And money is money. 

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The sad part about this story was that prior to the extension the Ashrafs and the Dhinjans were neighbours who lived in harmony. 

It just goes to show that fighting with neighbours never ends well, all it does is cost you money. 

WATCH a commentary video done by a real estate brand. Courtesy of TikTok

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