WATCH: This Londoner lives on R1k a month in converted skip

WATCH: This Londoner lives on R1k a month in converted skip

People are becoming more and more innovative with their minimalistic lifestyles...

Man standing next to his skip home
Man standing next to his skip home/Twitter Screenshot/@jenivescomedian

We didn't need to watch TikTok videos to realise that rent in London, UK, is anything but cheap. 

Which is why one Londoner in particular has found an innovative way of saving on rent. 

He has taken the not-so-conventional path to housing and we have to say, although it was shocking at first glance, inside doesn't look that bad. 

"Harrison Marshall, 28, moved into the converted eight-yard metal box in Bermondsey, South East London, last month as it was his 'only option'." (The Sun)

This was his only solution to living in central London for next to no money. 

After returning from a trip abroad, the artist began looking for a room to rent. But it was cutthroat.

"People were getting hundreds of messages for a single room... it was at the point where if you weren't willing to put your deposit down the same day as viewing it, you didn't really stand a chance. And so that's when I started picking up the idea again, about is it actually possible to live in a skip?" (The Sun)

This move is a way of highlighting the high cost of living, and how this is affecting millions of families in the UK. 

And what better way for an artist to make a statement in the way he lives than by being a part of the Skip House Initiative?

"The Skip House is part of Skip Gallery, a public art initiative intended to create space and opportunity for emerging artists." (The Sun)

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