Could it be true? Living together is not essential to marriage...

Could it be true? Living together is not essential to marriage...

Certain couples in Japan have been practicing 'weekend marriages' or 'separation marriages' and we're wondering if it works...

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The concept has been heard of, where couples live apart after marriage and find that's the secret to a fun and fruitful relationship. 

But to what extent? 

And how long do you stay apart? Of course, it has to be a mutual agreement or it will not work, so what happens when one person is not keen? 

The questions are endless for us. 

But we do believe that relationships are meant to be bespoke. An agreement between the participants of the relationship, where everyone's needs and wants are considered. 

And as much as that may be easier said than done, it is something of an individualistic experience. 

So, if you not part of the relationship, your opinion doesn't matter (And we kind of love that about this story!).

"In Japan, there has been a rise in 'separation marriages' or 'weekend marriages', gaining popularity across different generations. This involves living separate lives with two different paths and households, at least for the most part." (BBC)

Now, that's different. Especially for a country that has traditionally been known as conventional in terms of things like marriage.

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At least to our knowledge anyway...

Regardless of their reasons, we think that we should move away from societal constructed beliefs that sometimes only cause stress and anxiety. 

And rather move into tailor-made lifestyles, where we put our points of view at the forefront of everything. 

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