Home Ground Kids & Coffee

Home Ground Kids & Coffee

"I loved every part of our visit, it really felt like home, with even the monkeys paying us a visit."

A play area at Homeground Coffee in Westville
A play area at Homeground Coffee in Westville/Supplied

This week was my son's fourth birthday and because he was celebrating on a school day, we wanted to take him to a nice play area. 

I have heard of Home Ground Kids & Coffee before and decided that this was going to be our spot to visit. The fact the name included two things that were important to us was the deciding factor. 

Not to mention the array of pics that we saw of the play area. 

I have to say that the pics didn't do it any justice, as the play area and experiencing it was better than expected. 

Over and above the playhouse-style play area, it included a fire engine truck with a fire pole, a wooden ship that was a pet shop, a music shop, a post office, a salon, and a hardware store. 

There is also a road where the kids can ride their plastic bikes and scooters. What's great about this is that there is a mini traffic light that teaches the kids about road safety. 

There is also a wonderfully-built jungle gym that got a thumbs-up from the monkeys the day we visited. 

Over and above that there is a cushioned play area inside for the kids that aren't outdoorsy or for the kids that just need a break from the outside. There is also a lovely baby changing area and breastfeeding room for mothers with smaller kids. 

There is a swing set for the 0-5 year age group and another swing set near the jungle gym for the older kids. But tell your kids to hold on tight on this swing set because they can easily fall off. 

The menu was very inclusive with food for vegans as well. The price was also quite reasonable.

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You can find out more information here about the menu and the amenities. There is also an option to have your child's party there.  Check out their website Home Ground Durban

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