Brother bares all in his speech at sister's wedding

Brother bares all in his speech at sister's wedding

This is what happens when you pair honesty and humour with getting back at your sister on her big day. 

A man wearing formal attired delivering a speech at podium
A man wearing formal attired delivering a speech at podium/TikTok Screenshot/@speechsavvy

If you are an only child and you don't feel like you missed out on anything, then good for you. 

But most of the time we find that having a sibling or siblings always comes with its own set of pros (sometimes cons). 

There is rarely ever a dull moment when you have siblings, because they are your first friends. 

The people that you fight with and reconcile with, the people that will always have your back. Their love is a special kind of love that is so different to that of parental love. 

A brother who reminded us of that amazing bond was captured giving a speech at his sister's wedding.

And truth be told, at first we thought that he was just being cruel by sharing all the details of their sibling rivalry, but then we listened and it was beautiful. 

We rarely appreciate our siblings for what they truly are. The relationship between siblings sometimes fizzles out as we grow older, get married, and start our own families. 

And part of that change comes in the form of distance. 

So, when we heard how truthful, humourous, and touching this speech was from a brother to his sister, we had to share the love. 

Take a look at the speech below, courtesy of TikTok

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People were obviously left teary-eyed thinking about their own siblings and many shared their comments:

Nellybrown_fashion: "😂😂😂My twinni will be the one opening the door for me to go on my wedding day 😂😂we fight a lot but I love him so much" 

Shay Babiieee: "I felt the I wasn't enough😂 I was 6 when my mom got pregnant with my brother😂😂 I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT UR LAST MIN SPEECH 😂😂🥰🥰🔥❣️GROSS😂🔥" 

maxinegellar48: "That’s how it’s supposed to be done congratulations" 

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