I'm so thankful to Carol Ofori who can helped me when I was down - Jennine Naidoo

"I'm so thankful to Carol Ofori who helped me when I was down" - Jennine Naidoo

Durban bride-to-be robbed of her wedding dress gets the surprise call of a lifetime.

Jennine Naidoo, from Shallcross, has a new dress from Bride and Co at The Crescent, Verona thanks to Carol Ofori.
Jennine Naidoo, from Shallcross, has a new dress from Bride and Co at The Crescent, Verona thanks to Carol Ofori. Image: Facebook / Jennine Naidoo

A story that has captured so many people in KwaZulu-Natal has been resolved as the daytime queen and her producer were able to to the things that must be done for Jennine Naidoo.

Before we can tell you, let's go back just a bit this past week to explain how things went about. 

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Jennine Naidoo, who is from Shallcross, was robbed of her wedding dress in peak-hour traffic in the Durban CBD on Monday morning. The incident happened at Dr. Pixley KaSeme Street.

Naidoo, who is getting married next week Saturday, says she had picked up the dress several days earlier.

According to ECR NewsWatch, Naidoo took to social media to express her disappointment at the level of crime and urged motorists to be careful at the spot she was robbed.

After hearing of this news, Carol Ofori got her thinking cap on and devised a plan to help this bride walk down the aisle with a brand new dress. 

So she got her wonderful producer Rory Petzer, together with the fabulous Chief Operations Officer at Bride and Co at The Crescent, Verona, a call to see how they can rescue this. 

Listen to the moment that shaped Naidoo's forever on Friday.

Carol Ofori, together with Bride and Co was able to give Naidoo her dream dress that she will have on during her wedding on 5 August. 

This is not the first time that the daytime queen has managed to save the day or dress for a lucky women in KZN. 

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If you remember last year's story of what started off as an inspiring tale of a young girl who came from humble beginnings, it definitely turned into that magical affair everyone dreamed of having.

Shaylene, the matriculant who was initially nominated for Carol Ofori's botched dress, went for her matric ball, all thanks to the generous help of Carol Ofori and producer Rory. 

The young and vibrant Durbanite wore her white dress in style, as she was made to feel like a princess. 

This just goes to show that the lady Ofori cares for women, and in the spirit of Woman's Month, we honor and salute all the women in South Africa. 

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Image Courtesy of Facebook / Jennine Naidoo

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