Bride tips waitress after spilling gravy on mother-in-law’s white dress

Bride tips waitress after spilling gravy on mother-in-law’s white dress

The bride found it hilarious when her mother-in-law’s white dress, which she wore on her wedding day, was ruined.

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Talk about karma! A bride was horrified when her mother-in-law arrived at her wedding wearing a white dress. But, things had a way of sorting themselves out after a waitdress detailed the horrifying moment she accidentally spilled a bowl of gravy on the woman, ruining her dress and forcing her to go home and change.

A TikToker who goes by the username chloe_beeee shared the hilarious story revealing that the bride found the moment so funny that she gave her a R1000 tip.


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The woman shares that she briefly worked in the service industry but her career was short-lived because her dyspraxia meant she was “too clumsy” and “always dropping things”.

She shares that at the first wedding she worked at, she spilled a hot boat of gravy all over the groom’s mother who, as luck would have it, was wearing white. “It was the only wedding I’ve ever served actually,” the woman says in the video. “I spilt a whole boat of gravy into the lap of the mother-in-law of the bride. Obviously, it was hot and it was everywhere but it didn’t burn her, thank God”.

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Luckily, the mother of the groom lived close and could go home and change. “I was young and I was beside myself, I was crying, I was so upset because I thought I had ruined this couple’s wedding,” the woman says. However, it appears that this was not the case.

“The bride came over to me, she shook my hand and she thanked me. She said ‘my mother-in-law shouldn’t have been wearing white to my wedding day’, and then she gave me a £55 tip,” she says. “When I see her in town now we still say hi.”

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The story struck a chord with many on the social media app who praised her for saving the wedding rather than ruining it. “Not all heroes wear capes, some carry gravy boats,” one user joked. Another added “My mother-in-law nearly wore white to my wedding. Wasn’t until we told her ‘you don’t do that’ she was like ‘when did that become a thing?’ SINCE TIME BEGAN.”

A third shared a story of their own saying “My mother-in-law told me she was wearing white to our wedding. Rather than give her the argument she wanted I wore a black gown instead.”

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