Chicken, eggs safe to eat - expert

Chicken, eggs safe to eat - expert

A KZN health expert says there's no need for South Africans to worry about the safety of the eggs and poultry products on store shelves

Chicken eggs on carton iStock image
Chicken eggs on carton/ iStock image

The country's currently experiencing its worst outbreak of bird flu - to date.  

Millions of chickens have been culled on commercial farms to limit the spread of the disease. 

The crisis has already pushed up the cost of eggs. 

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Meanwhile, UKZN's Professor Sandi Willows-Munro explains why our poultry products are safe to eat.

 "We are lucky in South Africa that we have very tight safety control of our foods." says Willow-Munro.

"Our chickens are monitored all the time at the farms, and so we can be happy that all our chickens and eggs that we buy in the supermarket are safe for consumption."

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