Ballet director left unhappy with critic... so he smeared faeces on her face

Ballet director left unhappy with critic... so he smeared faeces on her face

This is a really crappy situation for all involved...

Ballerina with a poop emoji on her dress
Ballerina with a poop emoji on her dress/Pexels

Getting feedback from people about your talent is not always going to be in your favour.

Taking criticism in a positive way is described as humble, but it's definitely not the easiest thing to do.

This ballet director took one critic too personally - and it didn't end in hugs and kisses. 

"Marco Goecke was apparently furious about a review of one of his shows by journalist Wiebke Hüster. He allegedly confronted Ms Hüster during the half-time break of another show and smeared a paper bag filled with dog excrement on her face." (BBC)

Now, it can be easy to associate a critic/journalist with someone who sits on their throne looking down upon the talent. 

But critics are just that, they are those that make a living out of sharing an honest review about a particular performance. 

Some critics do it objectively and with respect, others are all about the scandal and salaciousness. And we are assuming that was what was going on here. 

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"The initial review of Mr Goecke's show, In The Dutch Mountains, was described by Ms Hüster as like being "alternately driven mad and killed by boredom".

Ms Hüster told the BBC she was in "shock" after what she described as a "brutal" attack." (BBC)

By no means are we condoning Goecke's actions, because that's no way to treat anyone. But it sure does match the stereotype. 

"When I realised what happened, I screamed, I panicked... I can assure you that it was not an impulsive act - he had planned this. I consider it an act against the freedom of [the] press," she said. (BBC)

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