WATCH: Seaview Primary teachers throw down at the school concert

WATCH: Seaview Primary teachers throw down at the school concert

It's so lovely to see how the teachers can come together and perform...

A group of dancers dancing on stage
A group of dancers dancing on stage/TikTok Screenshot/@missdreyer91

As we reach the end of the year, rest assured we have an array of parties and concerts that are going on. 

And what's a good year end without a school concert to look forward to? 

A short snippet of a school concert was shared on TikTok recently and it really had us in our element. 

Usually, we look forward to the school concert because we want to see our children perform on stage. 

But this concert had a little surprise for the students as well as the parents. 

For the most part it was surprising because it was the teachers who came together to perform for the audience. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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The school is said to be Seaview Primary, and the response from both alumni and parents was wonderful. 

They all came together to say that this school is known for the teachers being fun and doing things like this. 

It really does say a lot about the type of teachers they employ.

dannygren78: "best school with the best teachers they have the greatest concerts my kids grown not at school but I still support the concerts both nights was specta" 

kayla: "One thing about my primary school the teachers could always dance 👍" 

najmadee102: "proudly Seaview first concert🥰🥰" 

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